We are always happy to see new faces at our Committee meetings, but joining the Committee is not always for everyone.  Many parents choose to help in different ways.

We always need help at any events the Committee run – we rarely have too many helpers, especially on big events like our Family Fun day.

Areas in which we tend to need help are setting up (this can be anything, like blowing up balloons, making cakes, painting pictures, laying tables), helping during the event (manning stalls, organise food, tidying up debris), and tidying up after an event (making sure the pre-school is clean and tidy, toys are put away, tables are clean, clearing food away).

However if none of that interests you, we also welcome parents to come and help with general care-taking of the premises – general gardening, leaf raking, planting, painting the fence or shed. We appreciate any help we get to keep the garden in a great condition.

The pre-school also welcomes parents to help on taking the children off site for trips such as visiting the local church and going to the primary school.

If you are interested in helping, please speak to one of the teachers or send an email through the Contact Us form.